College Administration

The college administration includes functions for finance, human resources, management support and service functions for staff and students. The External relations Office and the Education and Research Office are also part of the administration.

Management Support and Finance Office

The unit is responsible for administrative support for the College Management, the archive, registrar's office, planning, follow-up and budget. The Finance Unit is responsible for accounting, invoices, payments and performance summaries.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit is responsible for employment issues, work environment issues, competence development and union cooperation.

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IT Office

The office is responsible for the operation and management of the college's IT infrastructure, internal systems and telephony. The office is also responsible for alarms, access control systems and campus security.

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Production Office

The office is responsible for operation, maintenance, support and lending of instruments and equipment to KMH staff and students. The office is also responsible for sound, lighting and recording at concerts and events, and manages studio recordings.

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External Relations Office

The office has overall responsibility for project management and marketing of all events: concerts, festivals, seminar series and more. Communication, marketing, fundraising and alumni activities are also handled here, as well as collaboration with companies, colleges and universities, nationally and internationally.

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Service Office

The office is responsible for the care and maintenance of the KMH campus premises. The office is also responsible for instrument technology, and the care, renovation and tuning of instruments, and the management of Edsberg Manor.

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Student Affairs Office

The office is responsible for admission, graduation and student law. Study social issues and student health, as well as support for students with disabilities is also handled here. The office also is responsible for studying and career counseling, international student and staff exchanges, academic planning, room booking and scheduling.

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Education and Research Office

The office is responsible for the Education and Research Board. It supports the process for education strategy and pedagogical development. The department also handles research questions and is responsible for the college's systematic quality work.

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